Şehr-i Bağcılar

Şehr-i Bagcilar project is implemented by Bagcilar Municipality and Başak A.Ş. The project, which will be built on an area of 30,000 square meters, consists of 22 commercial areas of 1201 houses. Şehr-i Bagcilar project has 2+1 apartments with a gross area of 94 square meters and 3+1 apartments with a gross area of 114 square meters.

Payment Options

Sehr-i Bagcilar project offers maturity with zero interest of up to 60 months.

Editor’s Comment

The best example of on-site transformation is Sehr-i Bagcilar!

Şehr-i Bagcilar project, which will be implemented by Bagcilar Municipality as an urban transformation project, is being built on an area of 30 thousand square meters. The project, which bears the signature of Bagcilar Municipality’s supported company Başak A.Ş., is rising as one of the best examples of transformation at the site. Şehr-i Bagcilar project consisting of 21 blocks is performing with 22 commercial areas in 1201 houses. In Şehr-i Bagcilar project, where there are 2+1 and 3+1 apartments, 2+1 apartments have a gross area of 94 square meters net 68 square meters and 3+1 apartments have a net usage area of 82 square meters with a gross of 114 square meters. In the project, 2+1 apartments are located only on garden floors and 3+1 apartments are located on the upper floors of blocks.

Sehr-i Bagcilar project attracts attention with its green area of 20 thousand square meters and 1 acre sports facility. The Sehr-i Bagcilar project, which will have various social activity areas from tennis courts to basketball courts, is planned to be delivered to the owners in August 2020.

Bagcilar Mayor Lokman Cagrici said, “Our countrymen said to make this place yours. We started this project with intense insistence. This is a very nice and advantageous place due to its location. 10 min walk to 3 metro stations. It is our greatest desire to have our countrymen move here as soon as possible. The best example of on-site transformation is Şehr-i Bagcilar.

Lowest-highest house price: 417 thousand 500 TL-585 thousand TL

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