Başaktepe Evleri

Başaktepe Houses project is being implemented by Aydur Construction in Başakşehir, the rising region. The project is made up of 80 houses to be built on 7,500 square meters of land. There are 3+1s as housing type in Başaktepe Evleri project. In the project, 3+1 apartments were designed as 118 square meters. Başaktepe Houses attracts attention with its social equipment.

Payment Options

Başaktepe Evleri project is offered special payment terms.

Editor’s Comment

Basaktepe is rising in Basaksehir! 

The Başaktepe Houses project, which was implemented in the developing Basaksehir region of Istanbul, is signed by Aydur Construction. The project consists of 2 blocks to be positioned on a land of 7,500 square meters. There are 80 apartments in Başaktepe Evleri project. The project consists of 3+1 types of houses. 3+1 apartments were designed as 118 square meters in Başaktepe Evleri project. The project includes a swimming pool as social equipment, a separate gym, sauna, children’s playgrounds, volleyball and basketball courts, hiking trails, and camellia. Başaktepe Houses are located in the location of Atatürk Olympic Stadium, 800 meters from metro station, 4 km from Başakşehir State Hospital, 800 meters from the newly established City Hospital, 15 km from Ataturk Airport, 17 km from 3rd airport, 3 km from the 3rd bridge link road.

Başaktepe Houses project will provide indoor and outdoor parking services for the vehicles of the residents of the apartment. After the completion of the Başaktepe Houses project, which is scheduled to be delivered in December 2017, it is expected to provide a 20 percent premium to its buyer.

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