İnci Villalari Property in Istanbul

The Pearl Villas project, implemented by Hak Grup and Som Yapı partnership, is rising in the center of Başakşehir. The project, which was made up of 30 apartments and 16 triplex villas, focused on smart home systems. All 5 rooms of the apartments in the project were designed in 1 living room type. The apartments have a gross weight of 220, net 187 square meters. Triplex villas were planned as 7+2 size, gross 332, net 297 square meters.

Payment Options

Pearl Villas project with a 30 percent down payment of 18 months maturity no difference installments are made. 

Editor’s Comment

Located in the heart of Başakşehir, Pearl Villas offer a privileged life and a detached life. In The Pearl Villas, where ultra-luxurious and avantgarde elegance has come to life, there are 16 twin villas consisting of a total of 8 blocks within the site. 5+1 apartments are located in 3-storey blocks consisting of 5 blocks. The boutique, which consists of a total of 46 independent departments, is located in an ins close-up location.

Lambri coatings were used indoors in the project. With the smart home system, you can control everything from your mobile phone to the glass and balcony doors that automatically close with a single button to the individual thermostat setting of each room. Boron was used in the sound and isolation of the houses in the project.