Lal Bahçe

The Lal Bahçe project, implemented in cooperation with HYK Yapı and KIPTAŞ, is being built on 3,625 square meters of land in Başakşehir. The project consists of a single block of 12 floors and has 36 apartments. All of the apartments in the project are being built in the form of 4+1. Intermediate floor apartments have a gross size of 211.83 to 216.72, net 160 to 164.75 square meters, garden floor apartments gross 175.42 to 210.32, net 127.93 to 162.64 square meters.

Payment Options

Lal Garden offers personalized payment terms.

Editor’s Comment

Life has been started in Lal Garden

Lal Bahçe project, which was implemented in the center of Başakşehir, carries the signature of HYK Yapı and KIPTAS. Ideal for both session and session, the project has only 36 apartments. All of the apartments in the project were designed as 4 rooms and 1 living room. Developed with boutique concept, Lal Bahçe project is implemented with a functional architecture in a single 12-storey block.

Lal Bahçe project, which has a floor height of 340 cm, has features such as shutter system suitable for smart home system, private safe, storage area, private ventilated garbage room on floors. The apartments sold have been delivered. Life has began in this project.

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