Mavera Comfort

Mavera Comfort will consist of ground + 9 storey blocks on an area of approximately 65 thousand square meters. The project will have a total of 705 houses of different types, from 2+1 to 4.5+1. 2+1’s 98 to 100 square meters, 3.5+1s 150 to 157 square meters, 4.5+1s 193 to 197 square meters were designed in the project, which was designed to be based on the principle of “uninterrupted comfort in every moment of your life”.

03.09.2020 Mavera Comfort Price List

Apartment Type                   Price Range

    2+1                                  884.000 – 990.000 TL

   3.5+1                               Fom 1.135.000 TL

Payment Options

In the Mavera Comfort project, the apartments are eligible for a bank loan. Halkbank can use a mortgage with an interest rate of 0.99 percent.

Editor’s Comment

Makro Construction and Akyapı is implementing the Mavera Comfort project, which is “Turkey’s First Housing Project with Earthquake Insulator”. Mavera Comfort offers residents a quality of life in confidence and comfort, without interruption in all functions of the building at the time and after the earthquake. Mavera Comfort in Istanbul Basaksehir is waiting for its new residents.

For years, Mavera Comfort has been bringing together the quality of “Mavera”, which is well known to the living, with its extensive social facilities, peaceful large landscaping areas, indoor sports and children’s playgrounds, in-apartment functional designs that make life easier, uninterrupted comfort and many privileges.

Mavera Comfort, which has the title of Turkey’s First Housing Project with Earthquake Insulator, was designed to offer comfort for your health, your children and even your vehicles, with many details in place, from the central broom system that will make your life easier, to in-apartment water sensors, fire and burglar alarm systems, to electric vehicle charging stations.

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