BE-SA Çamlıkonak Çamlıca

The BE-SA Camlikonak project, built by BE-SA Construction, is made up of 10 apartments in two blocks. The project has a land area of 1,630 square meters and has 3+1 garden duplex apartments of 149 and 190 square meters and 4+1 roof duplex apartments of 248 square meters. The roof duplexes have 28 square meters of floor gardens and 9 square meters of terraces. The garden duplex has its own garden areas right in front of the lower hall and 14 square meters of terraces on the upper floor.

Payment Options

Apartments in BE-SA Camlikonak are eligible for bank loans.

Editor’s Comment

BE-SA Camlikonak awaits 10 private neighbors

The BE-SA Camlikonak project, which was implemented in Camlıca Kisikli, one of the most solid areas of Istanbul, is made up of 10 private apartments. Thanks to the sloping structure on the Camlikonak project land and the layout of the extra care, the apartments do not block the other. 900 square meters of the project consists of open and green areas. In the project, each apartment can be accessed to the floors by panoramic elevator from the parking lot, which is provided for three cars. Data Investment and Real Estate Development undertly undertpersigned by award-winning architect Omer Çamoğlu and the sales and marketing of the BE-Sa Camlikonak project.

Lowest-highest house price: $870,000-$1,270,000

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