Nef Reserve Nakkaştepe

Nef Reserve Nakkastepe project takes the stage as one of Timur Real Estate’s Nef projects. Nef chooses Nakkaştepe in Uskudar Kuzguncuk region for his new project. Nef Nakkastepe project, named after this region, attracts attention with its folding house concept.

Payment Options

Payment terms are not yet clear at the Nef Reserve Nakkastepe project.

Editor’s Comment

New project from Nef!

Timur Real Estate, which continues new projects without slowing down, is adding a new one to its Nef projects. The project planned to be implemented in Uskudar Kuzguncuk was called Nef Reserve Nakkastepe. The folding “foldhome concept” seen in Nef projects is in front of its buyers in Nef Reserve Nakkastepe project. The concept, which means folding house, is explained as folding and including the rooms that the residents want in their homes but cannot fit. Nef Nakkastepe project, named after Kuzguncuk Neighborhood Nakkaştepe, is expected to go on sale soon.

*House prices, square meters and delivery date are not yet clear in the project.

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