Saygin Stil Yali Property in Istanbul

Saygin A.S. Saygin Stil Mansion project, which carries the signature of it, consists of 8 villas in two blocks. There are 4 + 1 triplex villas in the project with a land area of ​​1.226 square meters. 4 rooms and 1 living room type villas have a gross size of 245 square meters and a net size of 190 square meters. The villas have a patio, en-suite bathroom, balcony and terrace.

Payment Options

In Saygın Stil Yalı project, personal payment terms are offered.

Editor’s Comment

The Saygin Style Mansion project, which was implemented in Guzelbahce, one of the developing regions of İzmir consists of the villa. Located 250 meters from the main street and the seaside, Saygin Stil Yali is located 2 kilometers from the Guzelbahce motorway junction.

Each villa has an external partial sheathing and solid coated steel doors with fingerprint reader sensors. For comfort and security, smart home and alarm system integration and telephone access service are offered. Teka brand triple built-in set and natural gas floor heating system are applied in the kitchen.

Last villa price: 2 million 300 thousand TL

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